In this exhibition, Anton Bo Matzke explores the language of art through algorithms in relation to physical space. The gallery is seen as a station, receiving and collating information to possibly reconstruct our encounters from physical space to digital space.

One sculptural transmitter is placed in the gallery, communicating intuitively with three other sculptures, placed outside at selected random sites in the DUMBO district. Information and content, including a hand-drawn map is downloaded onto the gallery website, a digital reservoir accessible to the viewer, simultaneously dematerializing the physical work of art while extending the forum of exhibition space.

In this way, the sculpture is the router, activating a sequence and the viewer’s participation completes the process.

The use of discontinued or forgotten sites, no longer contingent upon ascribed social constructs and values, offers a new portal for contemplation.

My approach refers to the tradition of gentler land art, within the urban context. I use the tools available to me and subtle interventions to create a forum. A gallery, oddly sited within a mall, surrounded by a panorama of tchotchkes, represents a void to practice my art. More importantly, I see a place to breathe. - Anton Bo Matzke

© 2019 Anton Bo Matzke

The Object is the Router

An exhibition by Anton Bo Matzke

at Museum Quality, New York

March 17, 2016 - April 14, 2016